An invention, to be patentable, must be different from anything that exists or that has already been disclosed, anywhere in the world. That difference must not be obvious (for instance, a mere change of color). The invention must also have industrial applicability.

Among our services in this area we provide:

  • prior art search
  • patent drafting
  • patent filing: national, international and foreign applications
  • prosecution follow-up
  • patentability, freedom-to-operate and infringement assessments

Industrial Design

Theindustrial design registration protects the visual aspect of an object, the design, or a group of lines and colors applied to an object. This kind of protection does not include the functionality of the object (See Patents).

Among our services in this area we provide:

  • prior art search
  • preparation of registration document
  • filing applications in Brazil and abroad
  • prosecution follow-up
  • registrability, freedom-to-operate or infringement assessments


A trademark is a distinctive visually perceivable signal, i.e. it is one or more words, image, object or their combinations that identify your product or service from third parties’.

Among our services in this area we provide:

  • trademark search
  • registrability assessment
  • filing trademark applications in Brazil and abroad
  • prosecution follow-up
  • assessment of similarity with existing trademarks

Due Diligence

When applied to Intellectual Property, due diligence concerns the retrieval and analysis of the intellectual assets owned by an enterprise, typically trademarks, patents, industrial designs, software and copyright. This assessment is particularly useful when a company is interested in acquiring, merging or incorporating another, to ensure that the money involved is worth its value.

Venture Capital

Investing in apparently promising new businesses is a risk activity. That risk can be minimized with our strategic support, aimed at assessing intellectual property protection feasibility.

In technology areas, for instance, we check the patentability of the subject matter, we look for the best protection tools, and discuss with you the strategies how to do it. In that same line of action, we brain-storm with you about trademarks, copyright, software, etc.

Information Technology

In electronics, the expression integrated circuit refers in general to a miniaturized electronic circuit, comprising mainly semiconductor elements and manufactured with thin layers of semiconductor materials, utilized in almost every existing electronic device. In Brazil, the design topography of integrated circuits can be registered. The registration conditions are: originality, novelty and sufficient disclosure.

A software or computer program is protected as if it were a text, which cannot be partially or totally copied without the permission of its creator. Presently, the object of registration is the source code, presented as a printed hard copy or CD, and kept under the care of the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office. What is protected is the manner of expression, not the content.

Among our services in this area we provide:

  • preparing and filing the registration request
  • drafting agreements
  • counseling and follow-up


New technologies related to the biodiversity are subjected to a specific legislation.

The research, development and commercialization of products related to the biodiversity must consider rules related to the access to the genetic heritage, protection to the tradicional knowledge and benefit sharing.

In addition to the proctection by patents (See Patents), variety of any superior vegetal family or species can be protected as a Cultivar. Grant conditions are: distinctivity, homogeneity, stability, novelty and usefulness, associated with a proper attributed name.

We can represent our clients before:

  • Acting before the CGen
  • Acting before the SNPC


The enforcement of intellectual property rights before all the judicial courts is one of our Firm’s expertises, which has deep knowledge of the particularities of civil actions and proceedings and is able to develop the best strategy to protect the clients’ interests effectively.

Constantly striving for the best result of the case, our team works on an amicable settlement of the dispute, promoting common understandings between the parties in order to come up with a consensus solution that meets the client’s expectations more expeditiously.Our team has a vigorous performance in civil actions, before State and Federal courts, and has ability to conduct the case to the Superior Courts.

We also provide assistance on mediation and arbitration, alternative dispute resolutions procedures that are becoming more and more usual in our country.